Spring of 2020  Golf with Social Distance

Let us help you putt better

with color elevation technology

Longest CT Drone video yet:  https://youtu.be/1M8rkJmiSgE





Sample editing by clients:




Golf Course:https://vimeo.com/369916038


(Let us fly your golf course)



                                                Quassy Amusement Park:





Real Estate for sale:












Legal Flight in South America, February 2020

Start of the Road Race!

Cemeteries in high definition for Grid Coordinates

200 photos merged into one picture.

January 2020 in Florida

at our Friends' home

End of page 2020

Federal Aviation Administration Certified Pilot and Professional Engineering Corporation using the latest  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to produce vivid cinematography.

Serving Connecticut and the region with  Ultra High Definition Videography from above.

Our footage is safe, insured, and always honoring everyone's privacy.

Enjoy these most recent motion pictures below in full screen & with sound on.  

View more on the 2019 & 2017/2018 Videos page. 

Also visit us in Florida at www.VeniceDroneVideo.com                                                                                                                - Peter Tavino PE  Consulting Drone Engineer

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