We attended The Big Drone Show in Toronto.









And another Drone Show in Torrington




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We are so pleased this mid November 2017 day to receive 10 separate reviews of our on-line course Drones for Engineers. All ten unsolicited reviews were by engineers paying to take the course to renew their licenses. We are humbled by the ten highest 5 star ratings. We pledge to keep the course current, and are glad we are so well received by our fellow engineers.

March 3, 2018:  We held a one day Drone Course for Engineers at the State University of New York in Ulster.


March 8 on Long Island

April 5 in Albany

The video below (by others not us) shows future capabilities of drones to fight fires.



We would have done this differently!

Tree cutting assistance:




Agricultural drones applying herbicide or pesticide

- are posted here as promised during the Jan 20 Farmers Forum:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4quan_Aaws  Rice in CA 4:29

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2YPG8PO9JU  Chinese - spray 3:05

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gGMMPMm9MQ&t=3  DJI agras MG-1 ad 1 1:50a

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCHvICOJ7mY  DJI agras Englishman 5:40

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3swAXfkiWvk  DJI agras we talk UAV 3:01

https://unmanned-aerial.com/sentera-plug-play-sensors-allow-immediate-crop-scouting-dji-inspire-2  MN Sensors

https://unmanned-aerial.com/american-robotics-launches-fully-autonomous-drone-system-precision-ag?utm_medium=email&utm_source=LNH+12-12-2017&utm_campaign=UAO+Latest+News+Headlines  self charging Boston

Intel drone show planning at Time magazine



and at the Olympics:


See more videos at bottom of this page.

We will be donating a free aerial video to the high charity bidder at the Litchfield, CT Festival of Trees on Nov 25, 2017. Thanks to the four bidders.



Peter Tavino PE will present "Drone Applications for Engineers" to other Professional Engineers for their continuing education credits in Albany, NY on January 17, 2018. See below.   Contact us for registration information.

The Nov. 1 presentation was a big success, with over 70 in attendance.
Thanks to all who participated.
FAA November 2017 :
Outside our office on a nice fall day

.Our Academy of Model Aircaft - Industry Association has a new Drone Report out:


Aero-News Network launches AMA Drone Report

AMA has partnered with Aero-News Network's (ANN) Airborne Unlimited Daily News to produce the AMA Drone Report, a video series that covers the latest news and educational opportunities in the recreational drone and model aircraft community. The fast-paced, mobile-friendly program debuted January 23, 2017, and is available through AMA, ANN, YouTube, and dozens of other ANN syndication outlets. The series began with weekly broadcasts and will increase in frequency in the months ahead.

Peter Tavino PE met with staff at The Torrington, Connecticut newspaper the Register Citizen to offer video of the East Main Street area and the Fish Tales mural. The News Editor recommended posting to the visitor page of facebook, available through the facebook icon at the bottom of www.registercitizen.com


How Many Drones does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Not us, but maybe someday! 




Connecticut Drone Video was at the Meadowlands, NJ Academy of Model Aeronautics 2017 Exposition, to record this race.
Very cool video of a helicopter rotor in sync with a land based video camera: https://www.facebook.com/cinematography2.0/videos/1298673826844832/

Drones for good: Tracking turtles via drone

After returning from a semester break, Boston College freshman, Branick Weix, had something unusual and inspiring to share: his weeklong trip to Costa Rica to help researchers track endangered sea turtles. Through his company, SkyLink Productions, the Minnesota native partnered with the nonprofit group Seeds of Change, and used an array of drones to help researchers study nesting turtles on a remote peninsula of the Central American country.    

We have entered the Drone Video Contest for the summer 2017 New York State Fair. Wish us luck next time!


September 2017, we published "Drones for Engineers" on line.
It is a continuing education course 45 pages long with test. Professional Engineers who pass the test receive continuing education credits toward license renewal.

Typical Reference Map for flying safe and away from airports and population centers

Good Reference Guide from last year, but slightly outdated already.

Mary uses Goggles to see view from above in real time.

Drone Flight with Friends in Florida

Typical Aerial Quadcopter Drone Images

Flight Academy where Peter Tavino PE  passed the Federal Aviation Administration piloting test in 2016

Demonstration of Drones for Engineers and Surveyors gathering aerial topography data.

Airport Council meeting discussed using both kites and drones to discourage geese and bird flocks.

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